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Take your trading to the next level with Logix trading platform. Logix is one of the world's most advanced stock trading platforms, giving every trader the opportunity to trade more profitably across a wide range of US equities and derivatives.
DMA capabilities

Logix offers Direct Market Access, giving individual traders the ability to trade directly

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Low latency

With day trading, microseconds matter. The first trader out of the blocks gets the profit,

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Traders can use Logix to completely automate their trading strategies. This means faster,

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Market insights

Logix provides all of the information that traders need to come out on top. Its powerful analytical

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A trading platform has to fit like a glove. Every trader has their own style, and needs information

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Group Trading

Logix is built from the bottom up to support trading groups. It provides all of the configurable

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Logix Tools

Zacks Buy

Buy and sell recommendations

Earnings Calendar

Helps to keep track on your profit and loss

Market News

We offer market news with the regular subscription

Stock News

You don't need to pay extra for Stock News


Mac Support

Logix is one of the industry's leading trading platforms to have native Mac OS support. Whether your workstation is compatible with Windows or Apple software, Logix works seamlessly with both leaving you to concentrate on the matters at hand.

Workstation Requirements

  • Windows Version:

  • CPU: Pentium 4 Dual Core
  • Memory: 2Gb
  • Disk Space: 20Gb
  • Network Controller: 100Mbs
  • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Mac Version

  • CPU: Intel i3
  • Memory: 4Gb
  • Disk Space: 20Gb
  • Network Controller: 100Mbs
  • OS: Mac OS X 1.7 or higher

Logix Webtrader

Logix Webtrader is and HTML-based trading platform which is intuitive, responsive and intelligent. Its interface is user-friendly for beginners, while having all the advanced trading features and tools for sophisticated traders.


We realized that trading in the web is not simply an option for many traders - it's a necessity. it has been developed with that reality in mind. Its features include:
  • Seamless charting right to your mobile device or tablet
  • Orders executed easily, quickly and reliably
  • Ability to switch in and out of technical analysis mode
  • Personalize features so that they're working for you


successful trading happens where intelligent decisions meet reliable, up-to-date market information. our charts and data package has been designed to be as responsive to the market as any charting package available
  • Total DMA capability giving traders access to order books like INT, BATS, Totalview and ARCA
  • No latency: no worry about being out by microseconds
  • Automated options available: highly configurable stop orders, OCO orders, versatile triggers and many more
  • Access to the most liquid equities and derivatives in the world


There's a lot of noise surrounding the financial markets which successful traders don't need. We filter through only the most relevant data, the most telling charts and most insightful articles
  • Deep insight into current trading dynamics
  • Level II quotes and Market data feeds
  • Watchlists on stocks you've got positions on
  • Global market news
  • Specific news related to the ticker currently on-screen

Value for Your Money

Our standard price for Logix trading platform is $100. Group level discounts are offered. Please contact us for further details.

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White Label

Logix is one of the most advanced trading platforms in the world – and it is now available as a white label solution. You can now offer the Logix platform to your clients under your own name, giving them an unmatched set of trading capabilities. With Logix, you have the opportunity to enhance the value of your brand, to increase your revenues, and to attract new clients. Logix differentiates your trading business, giving you a keen competitive edge that translates into rapid and sustainable business growth.

  • Total turn-key solution for startup broker-dealers and established trading firms

  • IT server infrastucture setup fully managed from our expert teams.

  • Training and tools provided to give you complete control over your ecosystem

  • Full private branding available for your company image

  • Dedicated customer service

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Our Happy Clients

Take your trading to the next level! Join hundreds of traders using Logix trading platform

"We were in the market for a trading platform for our trading group and spoke to six separate providers. We made the choice to go with Logix Trader on the grounds that we liked the team, the back-end functions are second to none, the mobile options are excellent and the fees were extremely competitive. As someone who has worked with several different platforms, and three as a manager, I can firmly recommend the Logix Trader platform."

JULIA S. | Director, ibetraders.com Read in Spanish

"Nos encontramos en el mercado con una Plataforma de Trading para nuestro grupo de trading y mantuvimos conversaciones con seis proveedores independientes. Hemos tomado la decisión de ir con Logix Trader porque nos ha gustado mucho el equipo, las funciones del soporte son insuperables, las opciones para móviles son excelentes y las tasas son extremadamente competitivas. Como alguien que ha trabajado con varias plataformas diferentes y tres como Gerente, puedo recomendar firmemente la plataforma Logix Trader"

JULIA S. | Director, ibetraders.com Read in English

"I've used Logix Trader for about six months now in tandem with another trading platform I've used for nearly 5 years. I have to say that so far, it's been such an outstanding addition to my trading that I would consider moving all my trading over to Logix when they introduce FX (I spoke to a customer rep and they assured me it's not far off). I don't want to jinx this but so far, everything has delivered beyond my requirements."

IGOR K. | Blogger, Day Trader

"I moved my company over to Logix when they started up. I've known some of the traders behind the company since working together on a trading desk many moons ago so I'm well aware of their capabilities and I'm delighted to be on board with them once more. The platform they've put together is as thorough as anything I'm aware of and I'm looking forward to being part of the innovation they keep bringing to their service."

RON A. | Director, G6Trading.com

"Excellent platform - Detailed and slick. I recommend every time."


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